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Battery-powered bike rentals coming to Holland this summer

Don Hillebrands, from downtown Holland’s Reliable Sports, stands with battery-powered bikes that will be available for rent during the summer at locations in Holland, Saugatuck and Grand Haven.

Holland —

Bike riding really can be for anyone, said Don Hillebrands, who handles rentals at Reliable Sports of Holland.

People who didn’t think they could ride have changed their minds, he said.

Last summer, Reliable Sports starting renting lithium battery-powered bikes at Coral Gables in Saugatuck and Porto Bello in Grand Haven in addition to the rentals done through the downtown Holland store. This year, the Padnos Transportation Center will be added. The contract was approved by the Holland City Council on Wednesday.

City officials hoped the location of the rental stand would further encourage tourism in the area. People who come to Holland on an Indian Trails bus or Amtrak would have the bike rental option right as they arrive.

The rental stand would be manned by Reliable Sports staff and should not cost the city or the Macatawa Area Express Transit Authority anything. The contract in Holland is for one year but can be renewed next year for up to three years.

Hillebrands believes riding a bike is the best way for tourists to enjoy scenery. And the bikes are quiet, so riders can talk to each other, he said.


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