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Audi Ditches Diesel, Embraces Plug-In Hybrid

Is Audi finally ditching its diesel platforms and embracing plug-in hybrids? We’ll let you decide.

It’s hard to imagine such a turn around in so little time but AUDI has gone in 5 years to go from staunchly against electric cars, preferring diesels to now plug-in hybrids. Plug-in hybrids (PHEV) are a perfect stepping stone for the electric car conundrum. Frightened away by horror range fears from unscrupulous carmakers, buyers have had strange reactions to the electric car. One thing a plug-in hybrid does is that it extends the range of your electric drive only, giving drivers the best of both worlds. With this in mind, is Audi leaving its cherished diesel engine and now embracing a plug-in hybrid platform for its A3s?

Audi, From Diesel to Electricity. In 2008, Johan De Nysschen, CEO of Audi’s North American operations proudly said electric cars were not the way of the future. He based his point on how technology wasn’t ready and consumers either. However, at the time, Tesla Motors was building a fine little electric Roadster that pounded 240 miles out of its first generation battery pack, using commonly found laptop batteries. Six months later, Audi’s tune changed somewhat and De Nysschen became a little more flexible but still, diesel was the way to go forward, period.


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