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ABB and Fuji move forward on lower cost CHAdeMO electric car fast charging stations

Lower cost electric car fast charging stations just took a step forward with a pair of announcements from ABB and Fuji Electric. In ABB’s case, they’ve announced the Terra SmartConnect, a new DC Fast Charging Station with a 20 kilowatt rating. Fuji Electric has announced they’ve begun manufacturing and shipping their own 25 kilowatt CHAdeMO-compatible DC Fast Charging Station.

Both units are lower power than other CHAdeMO stations, at 20-25 kilowatts versus 50 kilowatts or more. The 25 kilowatt rate is like having 250 hundred watt lightbulbs running at the same time, to put this into context. The higher the charge rate the more quickly can an electric car be charged. The Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi i-Miev are compatible with these and other CHAdeMO charging stations. The time to charge from 30% to 80% is roughly a half hour, while with a level 2 (J1772) charging station it can take several hours.

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ABB’s Terra SmartConnect (SC) is, according to the company, a “breakthrough product designed for convenient fast charging in commercial and office areas” or for those situations where a quick, but not full, charge is needed to get home. It is fully UL-listed, comes in a slim outdoor-rated steel housing, has a full-color, eight inch, intuitive touch-screen user interface, and smart connectivity features for system management. Because of the lower power rating, 20 kilowatts, the SmartConnect is lower priced than the larger stations making it attractive for more scenarios.



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