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2013 Versions of Chevrolet Volt – Futuristic Editions Promising Satisfied and Safe Driving

The upcoming year will witness the next generation of the Chevrolet Volt to hit the roads. One single look at this amazing objet d’art will drive home the message that the car is engineered in the loving care of someone who is genuinely passionate about driving. The next gen avatar of Chevy has been able to create an optimal level of oscillation in the auto market even in this pre-launch state. 2013 versions of Chevrolet Volt have been acclaimed as a major addition in the existing inventory of scintillating Chevy editions. It is gratifying to note that the most branded product of General Motors has made its way to the coveted 4th rank out of the 21 fashionable cars from around the globe. The rank has been ascertained considering the aspects of design, safety, as well as performance.
Exterior design of Chevy

It is the exterior design of Chevy, which is pictured as the most noticeable forte of this electric car. John Cafaro, the visionary director of Chevy’s exterior design, sounded highly optimistic about its impact in the market. While giving vent to his experience of working on the design he chose to share some interesting episodes that pertained to their efforts. He was evidently glad as he called attention to his team of creative minds, which worked day and night to add a sparkling revolution in the auto market. The visionary opines that the design is not skin-deep and it does makes eyes pop with its futuristic look.
High-end tech features

Technical excellence of the car is the top draw. The latest versions proudly display the best uses of switchgears, traction control features, superb cargo capacity, gas engine with four cylinders, touchscreen interface, suspension features, navigation facilities, superb air conditioning; USB & iPod oriented integration facilities etc. The cabin of the Volt has been constructed masterfully.


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