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Yi Gao to Build a Sports Car to Compete with Tesla MotorsGas 2

The Chinese golf cart manufacturer Yi Gao has designed an electric sports car designed to compete with the Tesla Roadster. So will it be a direct rip-off, or something unique…and maybe even affordable?

There is almost no info on the design of this little electric sports car from the patent filing, though we can tell you that it’s short, seats two, and doesn’t appear to use the Lotus Elise platform like the Tesla Roadster does. Being that it is a Chinese EV, it’ll also probably be quite affordable thanks to the generous Chinese subsidies for plug-in cars.

If Yi Gao’s design addresses the battery performance issue, then they could build a better car than Tesla Motors, and for less money. That said, Yi Gao makes golf carts, not cars, and they don’t currently have a license to produce road cars in China. That means either they’ll export the vehicle, or apply to become a full-fledged automaker. They could also sell it as a kit car, using their golf carts as a base for these sports cars.



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