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Video: The Fiat 500e is an electric car with an attitude

The Fiat 500e electric car is Chrysler’s token entry for complying with California’s zero-emissions mandate. In living with the 500e, it was clear that Chrysler engineers didn’t just phone this one in; they actually sweated the details and came up with an EV that’s fun and appealing.

The engineers tucked a large 24-kWh battery flat under the floor and sprang for a robust 6.6-kWh onboard charger that speeds up charging times. Range turned out to be about 80 miles—give or take. Fiat says charge times are around four hours with 240-volts. But the company didn’t go for a quick DC charging port since a single global standard hasn’t been agreed upon, yet.

The regular Fiat 500 is cheery and kind of fun to drive, but its modest power and choppy ride mar the experience. The e’s battery added weight tends to tame the ride’s choppiness. And no gas engine keeps things quiet. With its instant electric power delivery, the 500e feels punchy, smooth and effortless. Handling remains tossable and agile.



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