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USA: Windham Mountain Unveils Electric Vehicle Charging Station

An electric vehicle charging at one of Windham’s new charging stations. Photo Courtesy of Windham Mountain.

We talk a lot about the high cost associated with making the trek to the mountain. A huge slice of this being burned off in our gas tanks, which only adds to the negative impact on the environment. Electric vehicles have become more popular over the years (nearly 25,000 drivers worldwide), but just like any new technology, their effectiveness relies on the availability of specialized infrastructure – in this case, charging stations. In an effort to promote greener practices among their guests and staff, Windham Mountain has unveiled an electric vehicle charging station, making it the first resort in New York State to offer the green amenity.

The new ChargePoint® vehicle charging station is the only charging station in Greene County, NY. It fills a large geographic gap in charging services, which are confined to more urban areas an hour from the resort in Albany, Kingston and Oneonta, NY. Windham Mountain is now able to offer the service free of charge to a growing number of electric vehicle drivers in the Northeast.


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