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USA: URGENT: Need volunteers for EV pace car at Juana Run on 3/2

I need two volunteers and an EV to help at a fundraising 8K marathon
race at a school in Palo Alto.

Sorry for the short notice, the race is Saturday morning (two days from

Basically, just show up before 8:00AM, they give you a map of the route
and you drive your EV as the pace car for the first batch of runners.
You really need a second person in the car helping follow the route map,
part is through a local park off normal roads. There are spotters on the
course that will help judge your speed (not too fast, not too slow) to
pace the runners.

Afterwards we usually man an information booth for a couple hours during
the rest of the race. Probably get free BBQ lunch from organizers. Its a
nice family oriented event to help raise money for a school.

EAASV has helped at this event for many years and the school organizers
really like the idea of a clean EV leading the race of young runners.

If interested please contact me by return email with phone number and I
will provide more details. I need to send confirmation on Friday to the

Tom Sidle
President, Silicon Valley
Electric Auto Assoc
Source EAASV


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