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USA: Tesla Model S owners debunk the NYT

It seems that you can drive from Washington DC to Connecticut in a Tesla Model S electric car without requiring a tow truck after all.

A war of words had erupted last week between electric car manufacturer Tesla and The New York Times over a negative review by writer John Broder. The car had apparently ran out of juice mid-way through the trip. Although Broder pinned the poor battery performance on weather and driving conditions, Tesla’s founder Musk claimed that Broder had misrepresented the facts.

CNN had earlier recreated the trip (and successfully reached the destination) using a different Tesla Model S, but a few owners of the electric car attempted a similar drive to add more evidence that the NYT’s experience was not the norm. Seven Tesla Model S cars started out on the journey, and while one of the cars encountered technical issues that led to a hour’s delay, all of them were able to finish the trip on their own power.


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