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USA: SF BayLEAFS Board Elections: Get Involved!

Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 5:12 PM
5:12 PM
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FROM H. Clearfield (SF BayLEAFs) TO 1 recipient
SF BayLEAFS Board Elections: Get Involved!
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H. Clearfield (SF BayLEAFs)


HM Clearfield


Dear SF BayLEAFs Member:

It’s hard to believe that SF BayLEAFs has just celebrated its second anniversary. Thanks to everyone for all your contributions. In such a short time, we have developed a reputation for having enthusiastic and intelligent owners who represent the EV driver community very well. Our membership is the largest of any LEAF owners group in North America, if not the world. Members have made modifications and aftermarket accessories, demonstrated their cars at numerous events, and have advocated both publicly and privately for widespread EV adoption. With that as background, it’s no surprise that Nissan has chosen the Bay Area for two of its cornerstone LEAF events in the past 6 months.

As part and parcel of our membership and public outreach efforts, we formalized SF BayLEAFs as an educational 501(c)(3) corporation in California, complete with a board of directors. The organization does not charge dues to members, but rather seeks support for activities through donations and sponsors. The initial board was hand-picked, with the intent of holding elections within the first year. The time for that is here, and we are now asking for nominations for all 5 board seats. The election will take place in stages, with the new board being announced at the April Meeting:

· Nominations: Now to March 9th
· Voting: March 10th – 31st
· Certification: Early April
· New Board: April 13th

Roughly speaking, the duties of the board members include membership activities and events, secretary, treasurer, Web site/Technology, and external relations and programs. The distinctions are arbitrary—in reality, the current board members do a little of everything.
We encourage SF BayLEAFs members who are interested in maintaining the group’s high vibrancy to run for the Board. Qualifications are minimal—you must be a member of the organization (by having attended at least 1 meeting and providing a valid email address), able to attend a monthly board meeting, and have good organizational skill. You can self-nominate or pick a fellow member—we only request that you provide a brief candidate statement of interest for inclusion at our website . If interested, please send your statements to Your statement may include in interest in one of the 5 areas above (or feel free to propose others), but it’s not required–the new board will assign responsibilities at its first meeting.

So far, we have received three statements. You can view these by clicking here, and scrolling to the bottom of the story. Others will be added as we receive them, and we’ll send out a reminder when voting is open. We encourage every member to get involved, whether it be by running, voting, or just participating at meetings.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

Howard Clearfield
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