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In the News
Important EV Equipment Tax Credit

Did you install ChargePoint EV charging stations in 2012 or have plans to install them in 2013? We have some great news. The recent fiscal cliff deal that Congress passed included a broad set of tax extenders for all electric vehicle charging stations and installations.

The Section 30C credit* for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property includes a credit of up to $1,000 for the purchase and installation of a charging station for personal use. Additionally, Section 30C includes a 30 percent credit, capped at $30,000 for business/investment use per site. So spread the word and pass on the savings.

Please visit:


And download 2011 IRS FORM:

*This credit is not available to cities, schools, or other non-taxpayers.

Please note: Team ChargePoint are not tax experts. Please consult with your own tax advisor to determine your eligibility.

NY Takes Charge

New York Governor Cuomo has launched a new initiative: the Charge NY Program. The proposed plan calls for the state to build an electric vehicle charging infrastructure program to expand the number of EV charging stations from 800 to 3,000 by 2018, which will support the deployment of 30,000-40,000 EVs by 2018 and one million by 2025. The state plans to spend more than $50 million on EV infrastructure in five years. Just another reason that we ♥ NY!

ChargePoint Expands into Hot’lanta

Six ChargePoint EV charging stations are going to be installed in locations in downtown Atlanta, midtown, and Buckhead (view details). Currently, there are more than 750 EVs registered in the Atlanta area, with more EV models hitting the market in 2013. Now that’s hot!

ChargePoint at CES
Check out the TechnoBuffalo interview with ChargePoint CEO Pat Romano at the 2013 International CES.
Did You Know

We can help you request a station for your workplace

We’ve made it easy for you to ask your employer about installing ChargePoint stations. View our pre-written emails describing all the details and benefits of EV charging at workplaces. We recommend that you send your emails to HR, Facilities, Sustainability or Operations departments. We love helping you make the world greener.
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You should plug in more often during winter
Thermal management systems are designed to keep your battery warm if temperatures outside drop too low. If your EV has a thermal management system, cold winter weather makes it more likely that your vehicle will lose battery energy even when it’s parked and not in use. When the thermal management system kicks in, it uses battery energy and can reduce the normal range of an EV by 30 percent or more. You should also consider using your car heating in moderation to increase range. If possible, park indoors to save battery life or plug in more often to stay charged and warm.
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You can get mobile with ChargePoint

Charge happy and smart with mobile and online features unique to ChargePoint. If you haven’t activated your ChargePoint card yet, follow these simple steps to get started or order a new card.

Once you activate your card, you’re automatically set up to use the ChargePoint mobile app (if you haven’t already). Just download the mobile app, enter your login details, and start charging.
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