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USA: Initiative to push for electric cars launches in Northern Colorado

Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez, left, and utilities director Steve Adams, center, hear from Electrification Coalition organizers about the new fast-charge station at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, launch site for Drive Electric Northern Colorado, on Monday. ( Tom Hacker )

Rechargeable batteries are proven technology.

Anyone who carries a mobile phone — and that’s nearly everyone on the planet — knows that.

So why are we still dumping gasoline into our cars?

A national group advocating deployment of electric cars and trucks, and charging stations to keep them going, chose Northern Colorado on Monday to launch its first, broad initiative to make that happen.

And, while electric vehicles provide plenty of environmental benefits, the drivers of “Drive Electric Northern Colorado” are not first and foremost “greenies.”

“As an organization, we’re focused on national security and energy independence,” said Robbie Diamond, chief executive of the Washington, D.C.-based Electrification Coalition.

“While electric vehicles are clean, and environmentally friendly, the important thing is that they represent the path to energy independence.”

The cities of Loveland and Fort Collins are collaborating with Colorado State University on the regional project that Diamond said will serve as a national model for an electric vehicle revolution.

Outside the recently opened Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, where the launch event convened on a sunny, snowy Monday morning, large and small examples of how it’s done were on display.

Batteries Not Tanks

FedEx parked a plug-in, all-electric delivery van outside the center’s doors. Nearby was Loveland’s Nissan Leaf all-electric car, one of two the city is leasing. Bellvue’s Morning Fresh Dairy brought its battery-laden milk truck.

“We’re exchanging gas tanks for batteries,” said Ben Prochazka, director of strategic initiatives for the coalition.

A group of dignitaries, including the mayors of the two sponsoring cities, CSU officials and Electrification Coalition organizers, donned hard hats and posed with shovels for a symbolic groundbreaking for a fast-charging station that will be located at the museum.

Deployment of those charging stations throughout the region is key to making electric cars and trucks viable.


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