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USA: Georgetown parking ordinance updated, electric vehicle parking regulated

Georgetown City Council approved the first reading of changes to the city’s parking ordinance at its Feb. 26 meeting with a 5-1 vote. Councilman Tommy Gonzalez was the dissenting vote.

Acting City Attorney Bridget Chapman said several discrepancies in the code were identified and corrected, and language was revised to clarify parking locations, times and restrictions.

“We needed to reflect consistency with other codes, like the fire code, and to clarify certain provisions regarding parking restrictions,” Chapman said to the council. “The legal department worked with the police, fire and transportation departments to amend [the ordinance] to make sure that everything was consistent.”

The changes also included a provision for parking spots for electric vehicle charging that would prohibit parking in those places unless being used for the purpose of charging an electric vehicle, Chapman said.

“Basically, what we’ve done is—if you look at the provision, it’s very simple—it provides that no person shall stop, stand or park any vehicle in areas designated for electric vehicle charging for any purpose except for charging of an electric vehicle,” she said. “The vehicle will only be allowed in the space while it’s charging.”

Chapman said new signage would be placed in those locations. People parked in those spots without an electric vehicle or while not charging an electric vehicle would be subject to a fine.


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