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USA: Electric car charging station considered

Today, Feb. 21, the City Council’s Public Works Committee will be looking into a proposal to install a new electric vehicle charging station for public use.

According to a summary report prepared by Public Works Director Dave Goble, the City has had a station just off the 400 block of North Main Street since the 1990s, but time and weather have damaged it beyond repair.

At one point, Pacific Gas and Electric pulled the meter from the station, due to holes that were allowing its wiring to get wet.

When Vice Mayor Meg Courtney asked what it would take to restore it, Fort Bragg Electric employee Mark Myrtle estimated it would require a full replacement, costing just under $10,000.

A goal of the Mendocino Council of Governments’ 2012 Update of Regional Readiness of Zero Emission Vehicle Project is to research electric vehicle infrastructure and identify suitable locations for charging stations. MCOG is the County’s transportation planning agency.

Steve, an expert in all things electric and a consultant for MCOG, is expected to attend the meeting to discuss the issue further, said staff reports.

City staff is looking for direction from the Public Works Committee regarding replacement of the existing charging station, funding and related issues. A follow-up report is pending.

What is Rule 20?

The committee will also receive a report and make a recommendation to the City Council regarding a future Fort Bragg Rule 20 project.


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