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USA; Colorado lawmakers take on electric & driverless cars

DENVER- New car technology may force a couple of changes to Colorado law.

Senate committees will hear bills Tuesday afternoon aimed at regulating self-driving cars and another aimed at promoting electric cars.


Some big companies are betting that driverless cars will be the greatest thing since the horseless carriage.

Tech giant Google is hard at work on perfecting self-driving cars. The company took bloggers for test drives in its modified Toyota Prius, which features a steering wheel that turns on its own.

The company demonstrated the car’s quick reaction on a test course, that frightened some of the bloggers. It also produced a much calmer video to demonstrate how a self-driving car could be used by a blind person to perform everyday tasks.

Google quietly lobbied Nevada to legalize driverless cars two years ago and is not involved in the Colorado bill SB16, which is sponsored by Sen. Greg Brophy (R-Wray.)

The convenience of being able to ignore the road while traveling is not worth the risk to everybody.

“I am probably not going to be for it,” Racheal Seifert said. “What happens if you get errors and car accidents and stuff, if something malfunctions?”

SB16 would not allow what you see in this video by automaker Audi, which features a car driving itself up Pikes Peak with nobody behind the wheel in case of emergency.

That test was on a closed course. Under SB16, a driver who can easily take control from the computer would be required on public roads.



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