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USA: Car Charging Outlets Coming to Law School


outh Royalton — Vermont Law School will soon have a solar-powered electric car charging station, the school’s first step toward implementing sustainable energy initiatives.

The station, which will be open to the public, is being paid for in part by grants from Green Mountain Power and the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund .

The 9.2 kilowatt photovoltaic system was part of a “package deal” that included the charging station, according to Kevin Jones, a professor and head of the school’s Smart Grid Project, which works to optimize energy usage. The project costs $39,800 and will be owned by the school.

“We want to spearhead this change,” said President Marc Mihaly, who owns a hybrid electric car . “We think that providing electric outlets is the simplest and easiest way to encourage people to own electric vehicles.”

The free charging station, which is scheduled to go online later this month, will have five outlets: two will be 240 volts, and three will be 120. A 240-volt outlet should fully charge a vehicle in about three hours, Jones said.

Although the solar array should generate enough energy on its own to power the charging stations, the station will be connected to the Green Mountain Power grid . The upside to that, Jones said, is that cars would be able to be charged at night.
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