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USA: AG Machining Announces Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to be Offered at Building in Moorpark

AG Machining has announced that they have completed installation of ChargePro™ electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for employee and public use at 609 Science Drive in Moorpark. AG Machining employs 135 area residents and uses the building as their manufacturing plan. They are offering the electric vehicle chargers as an added perk for employees, but invite any electric vehicle driver to charge up at their facility. The ChargePro™ EV charging stations are developed and produced by SemaConnect, the leading electric vehicle charging station company on the East Coast.

“We have decided to install the electric vehicle charging stations because we want to offer useful and environmentally-friendly amenities to our employees and residents,” said Bryan Garcia, VP of AG Machining. “My father – the owner of the company and I are both drivers of electric vehicles (Tesla Model S and Chevy Volt) and we are hoping that more people follow this environmentally friendly and cost-effective trend if more charging stations are offered.”

About AG Machining

AG Machining has over 25 years experience as a full service precision manufacturing company. With a 120,000 square foot facility, AG Machining specializes in engineering design and assistance, rapid prototyping, precision manufacturing, finishing & assembly and inventory management. Learn more at

About SemaConnect’s ChargePro™ EV Charging Stations

SemaConnect’s ChargePro™ EV charging stations are smart and sophisticated, but simple, safe and reliable to use. In order to charge an electric vehicle, users unplug the connector from the station into the inlet on the electric vehicle. When the bright LED lights turn from blue to green, the vehicle is charging. When finished, users unplug the connector from the vehicle and return it to the station. It’s as easy and safe as plugging-in a cell phone. The ChargePro™ EV charging stations are wirelessly networked into SemaConnect’s SemaCharge™ Network. This allows EV drivers to sign up for a SemaCharge Pass that works similar to an EZ Pass. EV drivers load money onto the card, and simply wave it in front of the station. The station collects the charging information, and the user then can login to and see where they drove, how much electricity was used, fossil offset, locate other stations and more. There is also a supporting iPhone app to help locate other stations. The cost of fuel for an electric vehicle (EV) is approximately 25% of the cost for a gasoline vehicle. This comparative cost is based on a typical four-passenger EV which consumes approximately four miles per kWh of electricity, assuming a cost of $0.12 per kWh. The comparative gasoline vehicle has an average fuel efficiency of 25 mpg with a cost of $3.60 per gallon, projected to go even higher in the coming months.

About SemaConnect

SemaConnect is the leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions and sophisticated software for station owners and electric vehicle drivers. SemaConnect’s ChargePro Charging Stations are wirelessly networked on their SemaCharge™ Network and offer advanced features such as smart-grid integration,RFID card authentication, sustainability reporting and more. ChargePro stations can be found at municipal, parking, multifamily, office, hotel and retail locations nationwide. Visit to learn more about owning, managing or using a ChargePro.



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