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University of Minnesota launches Ensia environmental media platform

Contacts: Todd Reubold, Institute on the Environment,, (612) 624-6140
Matt Hodson, University News Service,, (612) 625-0552

MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (02/05/2013) —In response to a growing demand for trusted, solution-focused communication about environmental topics, the University of Minnesota today announced the launch of Ensia – an innovative online and print magazine and event series that aims to connect people who can change the world with the ideas, information and inspiration they need to do so.

Ensia is powered by the University’s Institute on the Environment with funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and private donors. Cutting across disciplines, ideologies, sectors and continents, the media platform highlights people and projects around the world that are shaping today’s global environment.

The new online magazine,, currently features interviews with ocean advocate Alexandra Cousteau, architect William McDonough, former Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed, venture capitalist Paul Matteucci and others, along with articles and multimedia covering topics such as climate change adaptation, cities inspired by nature, green chemistry, sustainable agriculture, B corporations, geothermal energy, recycled art and more.

Over the coming weeks, the magazine will feature commentaries from leading environmental thinkers including Fortune contributing editor Marc Gunther, futurist Jamais Cascio, renewable energy expert Peggy Liu, author Maggie Koerth-Baker, economist Gernot Wagner and many others. The Ensia Live events series will also take place this spring in Minneapolis and feature talks from some of today’s top environmental visionaries.

“Ensia is committed to bringing environmental leaders something new every day—new challenges, new solutions, new perspectives, new people—in a format that’s engaging as well as informative. And, thanks to its unusual design, it’s ideal for viewing on phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers,” said Todd Reubold, Ensia director and founding editor.

Ensia has a lofty goal: To change the world. “The world desperately needs innovative environmental solutions, and Ensia will provide them through an engaging and powerful new media platform,” said Jonathan Foley, director of the University’s Institute on the Environment. “While traditional environmental voices have often focused on the problems, with a doom and gloom tone, we are focusing on solutions, and showing that a better future is possible.”

“The Institute on the Environment is extremely proud to host the Ensia project. It is part of our larger mission to solve the world’s biggest environmental problems,” Foley said. “We aim to make Ensia the world’s leading clearinghouse of environmental knowledge, innovation and inspiration.”

Ensia builds on the success of its predecessor, Momentum, a magazine and event series that over the past four years has garnered international attention for its innovative approach to drawing solution-focused attention to Earth’s most pressing environmental challenges.

The University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment seeks lasting solutions to Earth’s biggest challenges through research, partnerships and leadership development. For more information, visit


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