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Turkey Determined to Run for Electric Car Race

Turkish state institutions are set to provide full support to local electric car production as Turkey’s science agency will provide 100 percent in research aid while the Science Ministry is promising to buy 200 electric cars over five years.

“Turkey will make a name for itself with domestic electric car production and development,” Turkish Science, Industry and Technology Minister Nihat Ergün has said, adding that Turkey did not want to miss the opportunity to have a say in the electric car sector, as it has lost out before in the fossil fuel vehicle technology sector.

The news about electric car production follows on the heels of a recently introduced revision to provide incentives to the automotive sector in general.

The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) will grant 100 percent in research and development support for electric car producers, Ergün said, adding that this endeavor was expected to result in a collaboration of universities, as well as private and public sector players.

The ministry is also promising to buy 200 electric cars in five years.


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