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Tesla Model S Road Trip: Electric Cars Make It From DC To CT

Just days after the negative review of the Tesla Model S in The New York Times, a group of Tesla owners had finalized plans to re-create the reviewer’s trip from Maryland to Groton, Connecticut.

On Saturday, some 30 electric car fans showed up at the Tesla Motors Rockville Service Center on a gloomy, cold morning in the Maryland suburb outside Washington, D.C.

They gave a festive sendoff to a group of three Tesla Model S all-electric sport sedans setting off on a trip to Groton.

The “Tesla Road Trip” would form a rebuttal of sorts to the recent New York Times story written by reporter John Broder, who took the same trip in a Model S and did not have a happy experience.

His review was titled Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway, and the Times illustrated it with a large photo of the Model S being carted away on a flatbed truck.

Much back-and-forth then ensued with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA].

Broder took his early February trip at Tesla’s invitation. The company delivered a Model S sedan with its biggest 85 kilowatt-hour battery pack to Broder, and invited him to make use of Tesla’s Supercharging Network – special high-speed, high-voltage charging stations located along I-95, at rest stops in Newark, Delaware, and Milford, Connecticut.

Saturday morning in Rockville, Tesla owners and other electric-car advocates – many of them members of the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater DC – discussed the trip, range-extending measures, and what Broder may have done wrong that would result in a shutdown that required the car to be hauled to a charging station.

Drivers and advocates alike were determined to show that the Tesla Supercharging Network and the Model S could make the trip without problems.

And they did.


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