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Tesla Debacle Highlights Need For New EV Battery Technology

EVs sure have been getting a bad rap: this weekend’s New York Times hit piece on the Tesla Model S’s inability to sustain an adequate charge and last year’s scrutiny from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after a Chevy Volt fire at the test facility have sparked doubt and criticism about cars powered by lithium-ion batteries.

The Li-ion batteries in these cars were heralded as the beacon mobility’s future–green, safe, reliable.
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But these technologies are constantly evolving, and the deficiencies at this current development stage aren’t that surprising (you remember nickel-metal hydride batteries and the EV1?).

The Li-ion battery, of course, has long been hailed as the best EV battery around, but its flaws at enduring heat and providing range have spurred innovators to seek alternatives.

Sure, a Li-ion battery with a range of 40 odd miles is going to get you around town on any given day, but what about your Griswold-esque family vacation or your D.C.-to-New York go-for-the-jugular odyssey? Can we conceive of the 500 mile road trip powered by a battery?

Electric cars are only just arriving in any main stream capacity, but already auto makers are having to look at what’s next.


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