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St. Peter goes green with electric vehicles

St. Peter will be investing in “green” energy this year, purchasing two small electric-powered vehicles to use for park and public works maintenance.

The city council voted unanimously to buy two Polaris Ranger EV all-terrain vehicles or gators during Monday night’s meeting, replacing an older vehicle suffering from engine problems and purchasing the second one for more general use.

“This is exciting for us,” Public Works Director Lewis Giesking told city council members during last week’s workshop session. “This is something we’ve thought about for a few years.”

The city will pay $21,244.75 to buy the two vehicles, but Giesking said though initial costs may be higher than they would be to buy more traditional gas-powered models, the city will likely end up paying less to maintain them.

Giesking said not only do the vehicles not require gas, it is unlikely that the city will ever need to have the engines replaced. The vehicles can operate up to ten hours or go 40 miles on a single charge, Giesking said. It will cost about $930 to charge the vehicles over a 15-year span and replacement batteries would cost about $2,800.


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