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Solar Powered EV Charging at Your Local Shopping MallCleanTechnica

You know solar power has really gone mainstream when your local shopping mall offers free solar powered EV charging, but you’ll have to go over to Carmel, Indiana for this particular freebie. That’s where Duke Energy has teamed up with Toshiba and other high profile partners to install a “first-of-its-kind” solar electric vehicle charging station, at the Simon Property Clay Terrace Mall. So, free or no free, what difference does one little EV charging station make?

As it turns out, plenty. After all, when the nation’s most prolific producer of electricity teams up with a global tech leader and the largest real estate company in the world, what you have is no mere demonstration project, it’s the beginning of a revolution.

Solar Powered EV Charging Stations

Public solar powered EV charging stations are beginning to show up here and there, and EV manufacturers like Ford and CODA are promoting charging stations and solar power in private homes, but this particular installation has some unique features that push it to the front of the pack.

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