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Solar-Powered Electric Charging Stations On College Campus Open to Public

Bar Harbor – Imagine living in a world where we drive electric cars that are charged with power from the sun. Most places are far from adapting that kind of change, but at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor it’s possible.

Two solar-powered electric charging stations are on campus and more are at the college’s farms.

Third year student Alex Pine helped make it happen. He heard the college had received a sustainability farming grant, but one of the stipulations of the grant was providing transportation to the farms from campus.

“I was sort of looking at it and it didn’t make a lot of sense to have a sustainable farm program when students are being transported by a gasoline van that gets 10-15 miles to the gallon,” said Pine.

The college was able to get its hands on a refurbished electric van from Arizona. That van is now used to transport students and produce to the college’s farms and it charges on campus.

But knowing the van wouldn’t always need to be at the charging stations, the college decided to open them up to the public.

Pine said, “One of the big roadblocks for electric vehicle technology is that there isn’t enough infrastructure. A lot of people sort of site that as a reason for not getting a car.”


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