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Plan for electric car charging points across Scotland

Charging points for electric cars are to be installed throughout the Scottish road network, as part of a government scheme to cut vehicle emissions.

Householders will also be given the chance to install free home charging points, with the help of 100% funding.

The plans mean the drivers of electric vehicles will never be more than 50 miles from a charging point when on Scotland’s trunk

Leisure centres, council car parks and ferry terminals will also have points.

A total of £2.6m is being invested in the scheme, which the Scottish government hopes will contribute to their aim of “decarbonisation” of road transport by 2050.
Reducing emissions

It is being funded by the Scottish government’s transport agency, Transport Scotland, and the Department for Transport’s Office of Low Emission Vehicles.

Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown said: “I look forward to the day when the only vehicles on Scotland’s roads are electric vehicles, and this funding will be a massive step towards that vision.

“The move to EVs (electric vehicles) is good for our environment, helping to cut carbon emissions and reduce noise pollution, and will also benefit drivers who will be pleased to hear about the cheaper running costs. You can get from Edinburgh to Glasgow on a single charge for around £1.50 and right now electric vehicles are exempt from road tax.


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