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Ohio Researchers Unveil Emissions-Free Method of Extracting Energy from Coal

Researchers at Ohio State University have discovered a new way to extract energy from coal while preventing 99 percent of the carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. The technique, called Coal-Direct Chemical Looping (CDCL), harnesses coal’s energy without burning it. This new groundbreaking technology, which could revolutionize one of the dirtiest industries on the planet, will be tested at a larger-scale pilot plant currently under construction in Alabama.

Ohio State University researchers have developed a clean coal technique that produces heat while removing virtually all of the pollution. Conventional coal combustion processes consume oxygen to make steam, which turns giant turbines and sends power down electric lines.

While this old-fashioned technology produces large amounts of hazardous carbon dioxide, the new method is almost completely free from greenhouse gas emissions. Coal is chemically combusted in a sealed chamber from which pollutants can’t escape. The only waste product is coal ash, water and recyclable metal from iron-oxide.”>


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