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Nissan Leaf Range: How Much Does It Lose In The Cold?

Whatever car you drive, whether powered by fossil fuels or electricity, range will vary depending on weather conditions.

Typically, the average gasoline or diesel vehicle will be more economical in warmer weather, and less so when it’s cold, where the dense air is matched by larger quantities of fuel.

Electric cars vary too, but a difference of ten miles is rather important when you only have 80-odd to play with anyway. That’s what Nissan Leaf owners are finding in Arizona as their batteries struggle in the heat, and it’s what owners in colder climates are finding too.

Fleetcarma has compiled data from more than 5,400 trips of Leaf owners throughout North America, to see what effect temperature has on range.

And as the graph shows, it’s fairly conclusive–the colder it gets, the less range your Leaf will have.

From a daily range capability of around 65 miles at 86 Fahrenheit, range drops as low as 36-37 miles at extreme lows of -13 F–temperatures recently experienced in Canada and some of the U.S. north east. Beyond temperatures in the mid-80s, range begins to fall again.


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