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NETZSCH, NREL Partner to Develop Li-Ion Battery Testing Instrumentation | News | Laboratory Equipment

NETZSCH and the NATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY LABOROATORY (NREL) are pleased to announce a joint collaboration to develop an instrument designed to test the performance and safety of Large Format Li-Ion Batteries (LFLIB) used extensively in electric vehicles, airplanes and military application, as well as stationary power back-up and storage applications. The instrumentation will be able to safely and accurately characterize heat output and efficiency of LFLIB, in varying temperature, pressure, load and use conditions, providing precise and critical information previously unavailable.

Temperature has a strong impact on performance, safety, and life of batteries, therefore understanding and control of temperature is necessary to successfully operate lithium ion batteries, particularly for electric drive vehicles that are critical for a lowering dependence on imported oil and air pollution.

The new instrument is an isothermal calorimeter, a device that measures heat, based on leading, patent-pending technology developed by a team of NREL researchers. “We saw a real gap in the marketplace for accurate testing of the larger battery systems,” states Gilles Widawski, President of NETZSCH North America, LLC, “It was obvious that NREL’s technology, missing in the marketplace, could provide improved information on battery performance and safe system integration key for success in these growing application areas.”



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