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MyFord Mobile app finds open EV charging stations – CNET Mobile

A new iteration of the MyFord Mobile app for the Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi will include real-time information on charging stations. data added to MyFord Mobile shows real-time status of nearby EV charging stations.
Drivers of Ford’s new plug-in hybrid vehicles, theFusion Energi and C-Max Energi, will not only get to view their vehicles’ state of charge and other information from their smartphones, but also get to see the nearest available charging station. Ford partnered with, which shows the location and gives realtime information for electric vehicle charging stations.

The MyFord Mobile app currently works with the Focus Electric, letting owners schedule remote charging and pre-heat the car. Ford’s two new hybrid plug-in vehicles will also get the benefits of the MyFord Mobile app.

The addition of’s data adds considerably to the apps usefulness. The site shows a wealth of information for each charging station, such as whether it’s free and the type of charger. More useful to drivers in areas with a concentration of electric cars, the site shows whether the charging station is in use or not.



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