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Mitsubishi To Debut Plug-In Hybrid Diesel Pickup At Geneva

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mitsubishi-concept-2 mitsubishi-concept-1As of right now, the most fuel efficient pickup in America is the V6-powered Ram 1500, and the only hybrid pickup is the 2013 Chevy Silverado, which has a $40,000 price tag. So it’s safe to say the market for fuel efficient trucks is definitely wide open. So why Mitsubishi chose Geneva as the place to debut a hybrid-diesel pickup concept, we don’t know, but it sounds like the truck that America desperately needs.

The as-yet-unveiled concept, called the GR-HEV Sport Utility Hybrid Pickup, will be showcased at the Geneva auto show next month. The plug-in hybrid uses a diesel engine to power a batter turning two electric motors. While power and mpg specs aren’t discussed, an efficient diesel engine hooked to two high-torque electric motors (with four-wheel drive capability) should be able to deliver outstanding mpg.

Chrysler has been testing plug-in hybrid pickups it has no intent on selling, while Toyota and Ford have joined forces on a hybrid pickup of their own. Rumor has it Chrysler may be developing a hybrid-diesel pickup of its own, but has yet to say anything official. Mitsubishi needs a big hit to pull itself back into contention in the American market, and a tough, efficient hybrid pickup could be just what the doctor ordered.


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