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McLaren Premiering P1 Plug-in Hybrid at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

d with a 131 kW electric motor capable of producing 673 kW. McLaren’s Electronics division created the motor specifically for the P1. The automaker adjusted a M838T engine developed in conjunction with Ricardo to work in unison with the motor. This interconnectivity ensures smoother gear shifts using the seven-speed transmission. McLaren notes that the motor facilitates energy recuperation during deceleration that allows for battery recharging on the move. A partnership between McLaren and Mobil 1 dealing with fuel-efficient lubricants further enhances the P1’s potential as a high-performance hybrid.

McLaren was concerned with the size and output of the battery pack when developing a production version of the P1 hybrid. The battery weights about 212 pounds and receives protection from a carbon-fiber skeleton called MonoCage. Drivers need not worry about overheating batteries thanks to a cooling system that maintains consistent temperature across every cell. An onboard charger allows the battery to be recharged fully in about two hours. McLaren notes that the charger can be unpacked for use outside of the vehicle if a driver is concerned about curb weight.


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