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List-Building Plugin Hybrid-Connect Offers Low Entry Level Pricing for Spring 2013

In a List-Building Plugin Offer worth checking out, the creators of the acclaimed WordPress List-Building Plugin Hybrid-Connect have updated their pricing structure, with an entry level option for now at just $49.

Those of you who are in a hurry can get a more detailed look at the List-Building Plugin Hybrid-Connect here.
“List Building Plugin Offers Legion But None Contains The Unique Features Of Hybrid Connect”

The creator of the List-Building Plugin Hybrid-Connect which provides its users with the easiest click to install opt-in forms, and some of the highest opt-in rates in the industry, says in his promotional video which accompanies this short and rare, low entry level priced list-building plugin during the current offer period that.

“This Spring Pricing Model Will Only Last Until Our Next pricing Review When Further Professional Grade Updates Raise the Bar Again With This “Best of Breed” Plugin!”;

says Shane Melagh.

Shane, the brains behind this list-building plugin which is continually being improved still further for its users, has a lot more to say than that in his press released statement:

“Hybrid-Connect is a premium product, and it leads the field in WordPress plugins of this type, and there are many…

Until we built this software for the WordPress platform, it used to be really tricky to produce a list-building opt-in form that would work for “desktop PC” users as well as people on their mobile/iPhone/iPad/etc. We solved that before others even realized the problem was seriously damaging their users opt-in rates.

Basically as I see it, opt-in forms in the competition’s products function for either desktop visitors or mobile visitors, but not both.

Well, that isn’t the case with our WordPress plugin!


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