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Infrastructure Needed to Boost Electric Car Market

Auto emissions are one of the major causes of air pollution and other environmental problems. New energy automobiles such as electric cars seem to be a good solution. But sales of the vehicles do not look promising despite the Chinese government’s efforts to promote this green solution during the last three years. Li Dong has more.

According to statistics, more than 27-thousand electric vehicles have been sold in the 25 cities around China that are conducting electric vehicle trials. Among the vehicles, 23-thousand are serving the public service sector, but only four-thousand four hundred have been bought by private owners.

Dong Yang, standing deputy director of China Automobile Association, says:

“There are very rare cases of individuals buying electric cars. The central government provides subsidies. But many local governments are reluctant to give the subsidy to companies outside their administration. Another reason for the problem is that the building of infrastructure support for electric vehicles such as charging piles is lagging.”

Last May, the Chinese government issued policies to provide subsidies to individual electric car buyers—up to 50-thousand yuan for a hybrid car and 60-thousand for a pure electric car.

In 2012, the central government also allocated more than 4 billion yuan to support the research and development of new energy automobiles, including engines, batteries and other key parts.

In Shanghai, a customer could save up to 120 thousand yuan buying a e-car, including government subsidy and free car plate. However, the number of privately owned electric cars is less than 1,000.

Yang Kai is a private car owner who once considered buying an electric vehicle


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