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Get “Butts in Seats” Part 2: Plug In America’s Charged Up! Guide

Plug In America has just released “Charged Up!: The Definitive Guide to Plug-In Electric Vehicles, 2013. This fourth edition’s 68 pages showcases 17 production vehicles. Thanks to the talented and tireless team that assembled the great stories and superb photos — and ads from many in the industry. We encourage all plug-in drivers to keep some copies in your car, and give them to people you know who are thinking about buying a PEV. We reprint below — after the table of contents for the issue and information on our how to get it — “A Plugged In Life,” our article telling the story of how we spent a decade going from to (This is our second message today; the first was about the Electric Auto Association, the other national plug-in organization.)

Electronic PDF version of Charged Up! is FREE to Plug In America members (join for as little as $25) or get print copies@$5 (less for bulk orders) from:\ tore_item_KEY=4566

Partial Table of Contents

5 Welcome by Chad Schwitters

6 The Story of the Chevy Volt by Bob Lutz: Former GM chairman and “Father of the Volt” recounts the development of the PHEV and the technology that will take us into the future.

8 Achieving Efficiency by Greg “Gadget” Abbott: The easiest way to find more energy is to waste less. Gadget tells us how.

10 A Plugged-In Life by Felix Kramer: EV driver and advocate Felix Kramer works to get “butts in seats.”

13 National Plug In Day by Zan Dubin Scott: The second annual event was a big success nationwide.

15 The Former Secretary and His LEAF by Marc Geller: Former Secretary of State George P. Shultz is a Nissan LEAF driver. We sat down with him to talk about his love for his car and the environment.

16 The 2013 Car Showcase: From the LEAF to the Spark to the car of the year. There is a car for everyone

34-53 Testimonials

56 Incentives
59 Glossary
60 Resources
63 Plug In @ Work

A plugged-in life We plug in our gadgets — why not our cars? By Felix Kramer

My experiences with driving electric go back to my childhood. I remember bumper cars at amusement parks, and electric toys that ate up so many throwaway batteries we bought them in bulk. Now advanced rechargeable batteries power our phones, cameras, tablets, and computers. It feels natural to plug in every thing in every day.

Is it a big leap to add cars to the list? How do we think about plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs)? For a long time, PEVs seemed marooned in pigeonholes like lame (underpowered, strange-looking, less reliable) or exotic (costly, made by small companies, for niche markets). But now they’ve really arrived. Buyers can shop for a growing range of models.


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