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First Electric Driving School Car in UK is a Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF electric vehicle [EV], we know, it a great little car. It’s a decent size for a family of four, but is also fuel efficient enough to use as a commuter. With a 73-mile EPA-estimated range, or 83 miles as tested by, the Nissan LEAF is finding its way into people’s garages, the first EV taxi fleet in the US, and even an EV car-sharing club in the UK. Now, the Nissan LEAF is going to help people learn how to drive in the UK.

Paul Tomlin, a driving instructor for the past fourteen years, changes vehicles every couple of years or so, accumulating about 25,000 miles per year. Needless to say, driving-school vehicles take a lot of beating. For Tomlin’s next vehicle, he was looking for something more environmentally friendly, and the Nissan LEAF fit the bill nicely. The range is enough to give a few lessons in the morning, and after charging at a 50A public charging station during his lunch break, a couple more lessons in the afternoon.


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