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ETList : Message: Register your EV usage.

If you drive/own/use an electric vehicle of any sort this fellow has a great
idea. I’m just passing on the info. Lawrence Rhodes

Hi fellow EV driver,

I’m Ken and I have been driving my converted 1986 MR2 (
for about a year now. Like many of you, I fell in love with the idea of
electric cars that are powered by renewable energy sources and what that means
to the environment.

I have been tracking the usage of the EV closely to see how much money it is
saving me and have translated that savings into the payoff of my solar panels
that I installed about 5 years ago. The amazing thing is that the payoff
accelerated from 22 years to about 8 years with the addition of just 1 EV!
With the continued drop in solar panel prices, it is even more affordable now.

EVs are in the midst of a revolution I think. I feel like that it makes so
much environmental and financial sense that I need tell as many people as I can
and convince them to do the same. With this goal in mind, I started the EV
CLUB which is a website to track your EV usage to help the world see just how
much of a difference EVs are contributing to a cleaner world. I need your

Please register your EV(s) at and input the your usage stats
for your EV. It should take no more than 10 minutes to register your car and
then a minute or two periodically to update your odometer. My goal this month
is to get 1000 EVs registered and show that combined we’ve driven more than 1
million miles using clean energy. To kick start the project to help motivate
folks, I am pledging to donate all of the gas savings for the first year of the
EV Club from driving my electric MR2 to EV club members or Non Profit
organizations dedicated to Electric Vehicles like

Please register for an account and start tracking the usage of your EV(s) and
tell as many people as you can about driving clean with EVs!

Thanks for your help!

EV Club



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