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Electric car drivers could pay gas tax

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Owning a hybrid, electric, or alternative fuel car may save some Hoosiers money at the pump, but if some state lawmakers have their way, you will be taxed each year for owning a clean energy vehicle.

State Lawmaker Randy Frye wants Hoosiers to consider clean energy vehicles. He supports the use of natural gas as a motor fuel.

Along with the push to go green, Frye says there is a necessity to create a new tax.

“All of us need good roads and we have to pay for those roads one way or another. Unfortunately, that is a tax,” said Frye, a Republican who represents Indiana District 67.

The problem Indiana is facing is each time you fill up your gasoline tank, 16 cents of every dollar pays for road repairs and improvements.

As more and more people switch over to hybrid, electric, and alternative fuel cars, the money the state receives from sales at the gasoline pump gets smaller and smaller.



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