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Electric car charging stations picking up momentum in Marin

?The latest electric vehicle charging station in Marin was unveiled Thursday in Sausalito and more are on the way as the county begins to embrace the technology while the number of alternative fuel vehicles locally continues to grow.

The new station at Mollie Stone’s market will give an opportunity for electric car driver Tom Relyea a chance to power up his Nissan Leaf while he is at lunch.

“I eat here every day,” said Relyea, who runs South Beach Riggers on Harbor Drive near the market. “This is perfect for me. If you are able to plug in anywhere you don’t have that range anxiety.”

Relyea’s Leaf gets between 50 and 100 miles on a full charge, with mileage depending on how fast he drives. While most
electric car users charge at home, vehicle batteries can wear down on longer trips. The more charging stations that are available, the more convenient the cars become, he said.

“The growth of these stations and cars is absolutely meteoric,” said Mike DiNucci, a vice president with Chargepoint, which provided the station at Mollie Stone’s.

In Marin, six months ago there were 200 electrical vehicles registered with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Today there are 400.

“By the end of the year, we estimate that number will double or triple again,” DiNucci said. “People should be able to charge where they work, where they shop and where they dine and where they see movies.”


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