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Electric Aircraft

CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium: 2013

January 18, 2013
The 7th Annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium (EAS VII), April 26, 27 of 2013 is delighted to confirm several outanding presenters. Headlining EAS VII will be NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell on “Frontiers of Exotic Energetics”,Pipistrel’s Tine Tomazic on “Hybrid Panthera” and the “Ideal Electric Trainer” and photovoltaic breakthrough developer Dr. Loren Kaake of UC Santa Barbara. Also invited are Eric Raymond’s new SunSeeker Duo, battery breakthrough experts Dr. Winfried Wilcke of IBM Labs and Sibani Lisa Biswal of Rice University, along with Adam Bry and his amazing self-flying autonomous aircraft.

The preliminary program has been updated.

Please register for EAS 2013 here.

Presenters and Media, please use links provided in email, or in the preliminary program.

The CAFE Electric Aircraft Charging Station

CAFE 2012 Electric Aircraft Symposium VI

The 6th Annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposiumwas held April 27, 28, 2012 at the Flamingo Resort & Spa in Santa Rosa, California. 2012 EAS VI again confirmed an outstanding faculty that included the winner of the Green Flight Challenge, debut of the first electric LSAs, breakthroughs from leading battery makers, the world electric speed record and the latest on prop and wheel motors, controllers, UAV flight and ultra-quiet lift-off. This meeting’s focused on the best hardware. CAFE debuted the Green Flight Challenge Program at 2012 EAS VI.

Please check out the outstanding program from 2012 EAS VI

Electric Aircraft Research & Advocacy

In 2007 CAFE organized the First-Ever Electric Aircraft Symposium (EAS) in San Francisco. Burgeoning interest and technologic advances in electric propulsion, along with energy and climate issues, have spurred the EAS to double in size each year. Each year, its outstanding faculty from industry, NASA and academia have presented a comprehensive program for advancing electric flight. EAS IV is scheduled for April 23, 2010 in Sonoma County, and is already slated to include the latest in e-Flight breakthroughs.

The 2011 CAFE Green Flight Challenge will bring forth the actual implementation of EAS ideas into real personal aircraft. Several sophisticated teams are now preparing to compete with electric powered and hybrid aircraft.



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