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Driving instructor debuts UK’s first electric car with L plates

Stoke-on-Trent company slashes fuel cost with Nissan Leaf for learner drivers

Should predictions for the electric vehicle market prove accurate, young drivers passing their test this year could spend much of their motoring life driving electric cars as millions of new zero emission vehicles make it onto the roads.

Now a driving school in Stoke-on-Trent is looking to prepare learner drivers for this eventuality after taking delivery of the UK’s first all-electric vehicle.

The specially adapted Nissan Leaf provides the dual controls required by driving instructors, and according to ASK Driving School’s Paul Tomlin it has already proved a hit with clients.

“Since I took delivery of the Nissan Leaf there has been lots of interest from my fellow instructors and it’s easy to see why,” he said.

“The pupils love the car and the immediate success they have had underlines what an easy car the Leaf is to drive. For me personally I’m happy to now avoid the petrol stations and I feel happier for the environment by driving a zero emissions vehicle.”


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