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Dongfeng Fengshen E30 electric vehicle coming to China next year?

While China’s third-largest automotive group, Donfeng Motors, had been gearing up to produce mass quantities of electric cars by early 2012, the reality has been more of a hodgepodge of decisions. There’s been a joint venture with Nissan to build a rebadged Nissan Leaf for the China market (pictured), though it seems only a small number of them have been produced so far. There may be a $350-million acquisition bid by Dongfeng for Fisker Automotive. There are also plans to start production of the Dongfeng Fengshen E30 EV – but not until next year.

The Fengshen E30 EV is a small electric city car that debuted as the Donfeng EJo2 at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2011. It became the Dongfeng EV1 in early 2012 and was shown at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2012 as the Fengshen E30. There’s also a stretched version called the Fengshen E30L The Fengshen comes equipped with a 10.5-kilowatt electric motor, can reach a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour (about 50 miles per hour) and a range of 110 to 180 kilometers (about 68 to 112 miles) from a single charge.



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