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Delayed Renault Zoe to launch in Spring without universal electric car charger

Renault ZoeRenault announced recently that their flagship electric car Zoe, which has been late coming out, will be launching in Spring, but is not allowed to plug into the standard electric car charger. There is no explanation as to why Zoe will not be adaptable to standard electric car chargers, which can easily be installed in homes, but purchasers of the Zoe will have to spend between 850 and 1300 euros to buy a ‘wallbox’ as well, according to LeFigaro[fr]. A disparaging review of the Zoe in CleanTechnica paints a pretty bad picture for Renault, who is not only late to the Electric Vehicle(EV) market, but is also being criticised for its overall performance in Europe, and now its B2C strategy in the EV market, a market predominantly dominated by B2B fleet deals.

It’s been tough times for French car makers in the past year or two. The economic crisis is putting less money in the pockets of the French middle class, and, as it turns out, out of the entire global automobile industry, these are the only people buying French cars these days. You see, while their German neighbors have exported not one(BMW), not two(Volkswagen), but three(Mercedes) car brands on a global level with a luxury, or at least comfort branding to each of them, France really has fallen short on the internationalization front.


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