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cost of charging, in California, Solar City proposal

Solar City is installing charger for coming Tesla (80amp !!).
they also sent me a proposal for installing solar system for the house.
I am currently using 12,000 kwh per year.
proposal claim with Tesla, I will be pushed into Tier 3/4 all year (instead of 2 months in summer). rate will be around 30 cents / kwh. This came as a big surprise to me: this means fully charging my 85 Tesla will cost me ~$25 for about 180 miles (using realistic number for way I drive), this is a lot more expensive than running my Prius. about the same as a mid size Camry / Accord.

1. does this sound right ? if not, where did my calculation go wrong ?
2. I asked the rep why can’t I use the timed charger feature (rumor to be out this month ?) between 12am to 6am, won’t I be charged a lot lower rate. The rep claim (said it is a complicated calculation, which I have no doubt) it still basically comes back to total kwh, so I will still pay ~30 cents / kwh. Is he BS’ing me for trying to sell me a solar panel system ?


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