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Classic BMW Coupe Becomes 800-Horsepower Electric Car

BMW’s ActiveE coupe is a great little electric car. Even more so when it’s working.

It looks pretty good, there’s decent performance on offer, and drivers enjoy BMW handling and BMW quality without having to feed a drop of gas into it.

An electrified 1-Series coupe will never be quite as cool as Mike Pethel’s electric BMW coupe, though.

Based on a 1970 BMW 3.0 CS coupe, Mike’s car is rather more potent than BMW’s own electric effort. And on style, the neat 1-Series simply can’t compete with the gorgeous classic’s lines.

When we say potent, we mean it. First, as you’ll see in the video, the battery is massive. 2,400 lithium-ion cells are connected together in three custom boxes, producing one megawatt of energy. That, says Marketplace, is enough to run 750 homes.

It’s also enough to power a BMW with its internal combustion innards replaced with a pair of direct current electric motors, developing 800-horsepower.


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