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China: Electric car breakthrough expected in 5 years

In five years’ time, emission-free electric vehicles will be able to travel 300 kilometers on a single charge, while only costing one-sixth as much to operate as normal gasoline-powered cars, according to Sun Fengchun, Vice President of Bechina.ijing Institution of Technology and chief scientist of “Science and Technology Olympics” Electric Vehicles Project.

Currently, electric vehicle batteries have a maximum range of 120 kilometers per charge, which “suits the suburbs of Beijing and [travel within] small and medium-sized cities,” Sun said.

Sun said that five years from now, electric car will reach a range of 300 kilometers, at which time they will break into the passenger vehicle mass market.

As demand for the vehicles rises following technological improvements, unit cost will also fall, due to larger-scale production, Sun said. If a single production line can produce 10,000 units, the overall production cost (without battery) can decrease 40 percent and the battery cost can decrease 50 percent from current levels, he said.


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