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Charging stations in Manteca

By the time June rolls around you’ll be able to do something in downtown Manteca you can’t do in very many San Joaquin Valley cities – plug in your electric car at a public charging station.

The city is including several electric car charging stations as part of the $7.3 million transit station now under construction at Moffat Boulevard and South Main Street.

They will be powered in part by a $361,080 solar panel system being installed on a shade structure for 51 of the 100 parking spaces. The solar panels will supply a lion’s share of the electricity used at the 7,000-square-foot transit building that includes community rooms.

The electric vehicle charging stations have long been advocated by Councilman Vince Hernandez who believes when green projects pencil out financially that they should be pursued.

In the case of electric cars, they are one of the few alternatives that are valuable in fighting pending federal mandates requiring the valley to drastically reduce valley air pollution or face a moratorium on employment center growth.

Manteca is also exploring solar power at municipal facilities elsewhere.


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