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Canada: CAA is leading by green example; All-electric Nissan Leaf joins auto association’s in-house fleet

Are you ready to fully embrace zero-emission eco-friendly driving?

Or perhaps you have range anxiety issues and still fear the cost of going auto electric is too high.

Then you must check out the Eco-Drive Showcase at the Canadian International AutoShow, where the various carmakers are displaying their green wheels, both as concept cars and models already on the road.

For the second year, the CAA of South Central Ontario is the sponsor of the showcase. The association has embraced green driving, with the addition of the zero-emission, all-electric Nissan Leaf to its own vehicle fleet and the installation of a charging station for public use at its head office in Thornhill.

The CAA’s Autogreen Nissan Leaf is on display at the auto show.

“Automobiles have become so much more eco-friendly in recent years,” said Teresa Di Felice, the association’s director of government and community relations. “The CAA has been involved for a long time, with our Autogreen program promoting education and awareness for motorists wanting to lessen their impact on our environment and helping people understand the new technology.”

For the past six years, the CAA has issued a series of primers highlighting the various methods motorists can use to achieve better fuel efficiency, and explaining the new technologies behind gasoline, hybrid and electric cars.

“With our Nissan Leaf, we wanted not just to provide information but also to do an experiment, so our members could find out about new technology,” Di Felice said.

“So we’ve leased the Nissan Leaf for three years and installed the dual charging station for our car and for anyone who is in the area to stop and charge their vehicle at no cost.”

“It’s also a way for our employees to experience eco-friendly driving. The Leaf is used by CAA staff to attend meetings, conventions and other events, and we’ve also set up a blog for everyone to share their driving experience and find out things they need to know about operating an EV.”

The ultimate goal of the CAA’s electric-car experiment is to share the information that is gathered with its members, and to pass it on to the public through such venues as the auto show’s Eco-Drive Showcase and the CAA’s new EV website:


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