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Californian 2013 RAV4 EV Boasts Impressive Mileage, Performance for All-Electric

Toyota’s new RAV4 variant, the RAV4 EV, is similar in appearance to other 2013 versions of the company’s line of crossovers. But it differs from the typical RAV4 in one crucial area – its all-electric powertrain.

Indeed, the 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV is an all-new addition to the RAV4 line for the current model year, and currently an exclusive for buyers in California; this falls well in line with stricter emissions policies in the state. As is the case with most electric variants, this all-electric RAV4 won’t come for cheap; it is priced at close to $50,000, which is more than what one would pay for some high-powered sports cars on the market. But speaking of performance, the 2013 RAV4 EV doesn’t disappoint in that area. Its electric engine was co-developed by the team behind the Tesla Model S’ engine, and that’s what allows it to go a shade under 7 seconds in the zero to 60. And its mileage isn’t half bad either, with EPA estimates of 76 MPGe and 103 miles of range on a single charge.


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