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An article from Fremont Argus

PITTSBURG — A developer wants to build a 20-megawatt solar power facility in Pittsburg that would provide enough electricity to meet the annual energy needs of about 6,000 single-family homes throughout the service area of Pacific Gas & Electricity.

The electricity would be sold to PG&E to help the utility meet a state mandate requiring 33 percent of its energy portfolio come from renewable resources by 2020. The mandate applies to all electric utilities throughout California.

Columbia Solar Energy, a subsidiary of New York-based LS Power, is proposing to build the facility, which is expected to be considered at a Feb. 26 planning commission public hearing.

The project does not have to obtain an environmental impact report because it will not have a significant environmental impact. Instead, city staff is recommending that planning commissioners adopt a finding of a mitigated negative declaration before the matter goes to the City Council for final approval. The declaration means the project is not expected to have a significant impact on the environment, provided the developer follows mitigation guidelines that among other things limits construction to daytime hours on weekdays.

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