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A German startup’s plan to make electric car charging more like cell phone service

Despite the slower-than-expected roll out of electric cars, young startups are still innovating around how to make electric car charging make economic sense. Berlin-based ubitricity thinks it has a breakthrough idea with its portable charging meters.
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A startup from Germany called ubitricity is attempting to make electric car charging ubiquitous with a mobile electric meter that drivers can carry around in their trunk. The company is making its first thousand plugs available this year.

The expansion of electric cars has been anything but spectacular, and a major constraint has been a lack of charging infrastructure and “range anxiety” getting the better of consumers. Late last year luxury electric sports car manufacturer Tesla began tackling at least that perception with solar powered charging stations where Tesla drivers can charge for free.

Berlin-based ubitricity is trying to tackle the problem of increasing charging options for electric cars in a different way altogether. The company wants to do away with what it says are bulky and expensive charging stations, and replace them with a mobile electricity meter that will stay in the trunk of your electric car, and allow you to charge at ubitricity sockets, whether they be at your home, your office or at the mall.


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